Book List: Speculative Fiction

The Tao of Otaku Podcast has composed this list from books that have captured to some degree the essence of the Black experience. Of course Afro Caribbean culture is so vast and diverse therefore, we have also attempted to emulate this by choosing equally diverse books written by authors from all over the African Diaspora and the motherland. Whether it is the past, present or future how is the Afro-Caribbean experience being re-imagined through the lens of Science Fiction and Fantasy across the world? The authors of these books attempt to answer this broad question by creating some of the most compelling narratives we have ever come across. (more…)

From Middle Earth to Aya

Last week Midas Monkee released their production schedule giving us a glimpse of the new fantastical universe the company is trying to build. Paul Louise-Julie, writer, artist and founder of Midas Monkee has made no secret about his intention to emulate JRR Tolkien. In the same way that Tolkien created the world of Ea in which are found the lands of Valinor, Beleriand, Númenor, and Middle-earth. Paul is has spent nearly a decade developing the world of Aya that will house fictional recreations of ancient African nations such as the Nubian Empire, The Sokoto Caliphate and the Tuareg lands.

Phase 2


6 Animated Projects we’re Looking to in 2016

Cannon Busters


In the world of Gearbolt magic is now extinct and it’s inhabitants have turned to science and technology to further their civilisation. With the Kingdom now defenceless against magic, a mysterious sorcerer known as Locke attacks and seizes control of Gerabolt. S.A.M, a Royal friendship droid is separated from her companion Prince Kelby who was forced to flee the kingdom following the sorcerer’s attack. Sam leaves the kingdom for the first time in her life on a mission to find Kelby. In order to succeed in her quest Sam is forced to team up it three individuals: Turnbuckle, an outdated an obsolete junk droid, Philly the Kid, an immortal outlaw with no memories of his past and 9ine a wandering swordsman in search of a kingdom to serve.