Five Video Games set in Africa you can play Right Now!

It wasn’t long ago that gaming and Africa were two words you would almost never see in the same sentence. Fortunately that trend is now a thing of the past with the gaming industry in across Africa beginning to grow at an accelerated pace and developers across the world taking an interest in many of the different cultures across Africa. Although console game development has yet to really take off, we are beginning to see a flurry of mobile and PC games set on the continent.

Nairobi X

Nairobi X is essentially Call of Duty meets aliens set in Nairobi, Kenya. The game play is very impressive with good graphics to match. What impressed us the most about this is the fact that Black Division Games (the Nairobi X developers) created this game in collaboration with Epic Games therefore, it’s success could mean more multinational gaming companies turning their attention to Africa. The game is available to play now on Android and PC

Tales Of Hassan

The Tales of Hassan is an adventure game set in pre colonial West-Africa developed by Trigger Pixels for android phones. The game tells a story of a hero’s quest to solve the plights of his people. His quest to save his village and its people from destruction leads him on journey with unexpected events. The Game has 30+ exciting levels where the players take on the role of the titular character Hassan.  Supporting characters include the Evil Dwarfs, The Old Wizzard, Soronko and The Wicked Witch Kyewa in addition to many more character based on West African folklore.

Touch Combat

Developed by Bisong Taiwo Touch Combat follows the adventures of Dajie’s a lone warrior searching for her lover while also hunting down an incarnate of evil. Having mastered a number of martial arts and combat skills the game allows you to explore all of the fighting moves in Dajie’s arsenal. Over the course of the game you will battle demons, rival warriors and an number of other foes. True to its name, this game features no on-screen joystick or digital buttons that clutter the screen. Dajie’s fighting prowess can be expressed through simple touch and swipe gestures that include infinite juggles, Counters, Rolls, Launches and Combo linking. If you’re looking to swith off your brain and kick ass then be sure to check out Touch Combat.

Democracy 3: Africa

“Have you ever wanted to be president or prime-minister? Convinced you could do a better job of running the country? Let’s face it, you could hardly do a worse job than our current political leaders.” Cliff Harris, Positech Games.

Democracy 3: Africa (D3A) is a political simulation game developed by Positech Games. The simulation allows you get to play as the leader of any of the game’s available African countries. The game is now available to play on the official D3A Website and we’ve given a more in depth preview on our blog.


Africa’s first fantasy RPG became a reality last year when when Aurion was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Developed by Kiro’o Games, a studio based in Cameroon, Aurion follows the adventures of Enzo Kori-Odan, the prince of Zama, a fictional state in the fantasy world of Auriona.  Enzo was scheduled to marry his lifelong love Erine Evou and be crowned the new King. Without warning Ngarba Evou, Enzo’s brother-in-law initiated a coup and Enzo and Ernie were forced to flee Zama. Now the royal couple must travel the world of Auriona and gather allies in order to reclaim Zama and liberate the people from Ngarba’s reign. Despite only having been funded 6 months ago, Kiro’o Games have wasted no time and Aurion is now available on Steam to play. The gameplay is centred on 2D real time combat sequences and powerful duels with immersive fighting dialogues.

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