Eyegasms, Three of the Best Fantasy Art Curators

1) Nubiamancy

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 13.00.22

Created by aspiring filmmaker Asante Masawa, Nubiamancy looks at Scifi, Fantasy and Horror through and Afro-Caribbean lens. The word Nubia is associated with Africa and black people while Mancy is derived from the Ancient Greek word manteía which means magic. Therefore, Nubiamancy can roughly be translated to black magic which is appropriate since all of the art that they curate is nothing short of magical. Below are a few of examples of the fantastic pieces of art you’ll find on Nubiamancy.

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2) I Love Fantasy Art

When it comes to fantasy we often get wrapped up in the story and by association the authors. Writers like Jrr Tolkien and George RR Martin have become synonymous with this genre however, what about the artists. I Love Fantasy Art is a community aimed at promoting the discovery of some of the best fantasy artists out there.

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3) The Divine Moon

The Divine Moon

This blog ventures slightly out of fantasy territory and more into the realm of African Spirituality. The Divine Moon was created by a Santera practicioner, based in Cuba. Santeria is a merging of Yoruba, Christian and Indigenous American spiritual beliefs widely practices across the Caribbean. This blog curates many works of art depicting African gods and deities and the most impressive aspect is the consistent level of quality.

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 We’re building an online database for African games, comics, TV shows, movies and Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels. Sign up at http://kugali.com if you want to gain early access. Less than 500 slots available for early adopters.

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