Eyegasms, Three of the Best Fantasy Art Curators

1) Nubiamancy

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Created by aspiring filmmaker Asante Masawa, Nubiamancy looks at Scifi, Fantasy and Horror through and Afro-Caribbean lens. The word Nubia is associated with Africa and black people while Mancy is derived from the Ancient Greek word manteía which means magic. Therefore, Nubiamancy can roughly be translated to black magic which is appropriate since all of the art that they curate is nothing short of magical. Below are a few of examples of the fantastic pieces of art you’ll find on Nubiamancy.


Five Mythical African Creatures You Probably Haven’t Heard of

1) The Eloko

Art by Shy Jaguar

A dwarf-like creature that lives in the forest. They are believed to be malevolent spirits of the dead with a grudge to settle against the living. A typical Eloko tale goes as follows: A hunter and his wife found themselves with no food to eat so the hunter decided to go and procure wild game to feed his family. Before the hunter left, he warned his wife: “When you hear a bell, do not move or you will face certain death!”


Why we should be talking about Africa’s first Superhero TV Show

       Jongo, Africa’s First Superhero TV Show, just finished its debut run on TV. People all over Africa could watch it on BET. Was it a great show? Did it fall short of expectations? Jongo is the brainchild of a white South African. Did it represent African culture and black people well? I have a more pressing question than these though, and that is, why is no one talking about Jongo?


Where are all the Black Super Villains?


Characters like Black Panther, Cyborg and Luke Cage have shown us that black people are also capable of saving the day so isn’t it time we begin to see the other side of the coin? The sad truth is that as much as we don’t see enough of black superheroes in films, comics or TV black super villains are even more rare. We don’t want some basic thugs either we’re talking about imposing characters that can stand toe to toe with the likes of Darth Vader or the Joker. Therefore, we’ve decided to put together a list of some of the best depictions of black super villains that we’ve seen across TV, film and comics.


Where they are now? Our favourite crowdfunding campaigns from last year.

Aurion: the Legacy of Kori-odan

Africa’s first fantasy RPG became a reality last year when when Aurion was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Developed by Kiro’o Games, a studio based in Cameroon, Aurion follows the adventures of Enzo Kori-Odan, the prince of Zama, a fictional state in the fantasy world of Auriona.  Enzo was scheduled to marry his lifelong love Erine Evou and be crowned the new King. Without warning Ngarba Evou, Enzo’s brother-in-law initiated a coup and Enzo and Ernie were forced to flee Zama. Now the royal couple must travel the world of Auriona and gather allies in order to reclaim Zama and liberate the people from Ngarba’s reign. (more…)